Sound Off

Sound Off

Often communities remember human sacrifice through observing a minute’s silence. For International Firefighters’ Day in 2002 the inaugural “Sound Off” was conducted to reflect on the commitment and sacrifices of firefighters’ worldwide in a truly poignant manner for emergency service workers. Due to the amazing support of the Sound Off in 2002, there is now an annual Sound Off on the first Sunday of every May.

On the first Sunday in May at noon local time let us sound off our fire sirens for 30 seconds followed by a minute’s silence in memory of, and respect for, all firefighters who have been lost in the line of duty or passed on before us.

A global Sound Off is an excellent manner to attract media and community attention to the role, commitment and sacrifices of firefighters. It gives us all a chance to reflect on the firefighters who have lost their lives in the more recent years, such as those on September 11th, in a very fitting firefighter tribute.

The Sound Off event attracts media attention to the role of firefighters and the remembrance of their sacrifices in a manner that is visually appealing and which may be followed in a similar manner to that of watching the new millennium fireworks roll around the world. Media can “follow” the Sirens for firefighters from country to country at each one’s local noon – showing all the different cultures and apparatus joined together for a common goal – the remembrance of the sacrifices of past firefighters.

Examples of Media Release and Programs you may wish to modify: