The weeks following the attack of the WTC you couldn’t buy an American flag because they were sold out. Most days didn’t go by without folks and neighbors stopping into my station just to say hello or drop off cookies. Pan ahead 7yrs and most of my runs don’t go by without me getting flipped off by a motorist for running lights and sirens and inconveniencing him. Its like they’ve completely forgot us…

We are our own worst enemies when it comes to keeping a good working relationship with the locals. Either your department is proactive and has firemans balls and open houses or they don’t. I tell you, its nice to have people you don’t know come up to you on duty at the store and say how nicely you handled a call for service to their home recently. A fire department that has the true support of the community is a powerful entity that can swing elections and dictate policies that command city halls attention.

What I’m getting at is this: our big chance is coming up to let the public know we are still out there. We are still answering those calls whether its their friend who needs our service for trouble breathing or the guy who gave me the bird last week has wrecked his car. Some folks don’t realize that there are other departments other than FDNY out there. Some citizens (YOUR citizens) may not even know if they’re are covered by a paid or volly outfit or the difference between the two. YOUR CHANCE IS COMING UP ON THE 4TH! It doesn’t have to be an elaborate open house with all the pomp and circumstance. Maybe it will be but it should be a little something though to get the citizens thinking about the thin red line out there keeping them safe. We need their support.

Is it just another day for you? How will you mark the day?

Be Safe + Keep Fire In Your Life

Source: my.firefighternation, USA