The tragedy of more than 500 firefighters being killed while attempting to rescue victims from the World Trade Centre has only enhanced the fight of one Clyde Cardinia Fire Brigade member.

Julie-Jane Edmondson has been pushing for the establishment of an International Firefighters’ Day for about three years and the recent atrocities have only highlighted her concerns.

A volunteer firefighter for about 12 years, Ms Edmondson was shocked when she discovered there was no international day of reflection to remember those who lost their lives, or who indeed risk their lives every day, fighting fires.

Ms Edmondson has posted her ideas and proposal for International Firefighters’ Day on the Internet, and would prefer it be 4 May, which is also St Florian’s Day.

The International Association of Wildland Fire has endorsed Ms Edmondson’s proposal.

Ms Edmondson would like to see the world commemorate firefighters, recognise their commitment and dedication, remember those lost or injured in the line of duty, to say thank you. For further information visit the website at

Source: Cranbourne Leader, Australia.