The role of firefighters in today’s society is one of dedication, commitment and sacrifice, according to Fire Chief, Lawrence David.

Today, the Guyana Fire Service (GFS) joins the rest of the world in observing International Firefighters’ Day.

David noted that firefighters throughout the world have a common enemy – fire, and this is regardless of the colour of the uniform or the uniform they serve.

“Firefighters are expected to dedicate their lives to the protection of lives and property. This is manifested by the countless hours, days and years of selflessness, working in an industry which offers minimal returns,” stressed David.

He acknowledged that the (GFS) over the year has pursued these honoured traditions vigorously with limited resources, compared to Fire Departments in the developed world, “We have never relinquished or failed to address our social and professional responsibilities.”

International Firefighters’ Day offers society an opportunity to recognize and honour the sacrifices that are made by these officers to ensure that communities and the environment are made as safe as possible.

“I would like to extend to our firefighters, (especially those who have served in the past), thanks for their invaluable contributions towards developing and maintaining this noble profession in Guyana,” the Fire Chief said.

Source: Guyana, South America.