JJ Edmondson is an operational firefighter in the Clyde-Cardinia Fire Brigade and a Lieutenant in the District 8 Headquarters Fire Brigade in the Country Fire Authority (CFA) in Victoria, Australia. Her brigades are fully volunteer with a high time commitment for training, meetings and, of course, responses to a variety of fire calls and incidents as either an active member or administration / management support. She has been an active member since 1986 and is a State Accredited Pad Instructor (which covers instructing about structural, LPG and flammable liquid fire attack), a nationally accredited Workplace Trainer and Assessor, accredited in BA (Breathing Apparatus), Trench Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, First Aid (Level 2) and Intermediate Level 4WD. An area of particular interest to JJ is wildfire behaviour. Over the past years JJ has held various positions of responsibility within both brigades including at Clyde: Lieutenant (8 years), Training Officer (12 years – current) and prior to that Co-ordinator of her brigade’s Junior volunteer program for adolescents aged 11 to 15 years old. Currently her roles at the Headquarters Brigade includes Training Coordinator & Lieutenant.

JJ was employed in the emergency services industry for over 6 years developing and co-ordinating training material and programs for youth at both state and national levels and currently teaches about wildfire behaviour and suppression at tertiary level.

JJ was inspired to promote the need for an international day after the tragic loss of five firefighters in a wildfire in late 1998. The terrible tragedy on September 11th in New York has only strengthened her resolve to get this day internationally recognised.



JJ has been working on promoting IFFD through a variety of forums, including letters, newspaper articles, emails, web forums and list serves – however the most successful has been the website.

The website has undergone a number of upgrades since Lindy Barker offered to sponsor the web design. Without her amazing talents and skills, IFFD and this site would never have got to the level of recognition it has today.

Lindy Barker deserves a vote of thanks from firefighters’ everywhere for her unreserved and generous support of this important day. Thanks Lindy!



Website Hosting

DISKMANdotNet has proudly been hosting the IFFD website since 2001 and has followed with interest the world-wide recognition, respect and support that IFFD has accumulated.

DISKMANdotNet appreciates the efforts of firefighters worldwide and especially our hat goes off to the IFFD team for creating and maintaining such an important resource for a Global community. We provide the team with solid advice and technical know-how and are always keen to assist where we can and when we are invited to do so. Currently, DISKMANdotNet provides web and email hosting and support to Lindy (webmaster) for all her extra technical requirements.

We offer domain name registration and renewal, single site web hosting, virtual dedicated servers, consulting and project management. We have assembled a carefully selected group of associates who can deliver web site design, print design, printing and more.

Our support doesn’t only extend to the IFFD team as we are only too happy to provide assistance to any IFFD member, their colleagues, friends and/or family. Please call us for any information or advice.



Logo Design

Glad and proud to support the firefighters around the world, J. Matthew Root put together our logos. He’s an artist, animator, composer, writer and actor from New Haven, CT, USA. Although not hugely active outside these pursuits (as you can imagine) he’s worked to support the many initiatives and fund-raising activities for a variety of causes.

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